Just had a great time with a friend when we arrived in St. Petersburg! Thanks to the girls from this salonchik 3 hours flew by unnoticed! Particularly pleased with the girl, who knows how to bring to mad ecstasy. I really do not know how it turns out, but there were no such feelings with anyone. Be sure to return to this salon once again to the sweet and passionate Lerochka, as I will arrive on a business trip.

15.02.2012. 17:38



For me, the most important thing. That was good both. I will not hide, but almost always I finish quickly and I have a problem. I live in St. Petersburg. Not long ago, a friend showed this salon and said that I need to try a professional. I was not against such pleasure, and I do not think that 6000 rubles is dear for a girl. Sex turned out not fast, as usual, but an hour! I broke all records and it was superski!

7.10.2013. 22:49



In this Escort Agency I liked it uniquely! Always dreamed of an understanding and sexually liberated partner. And I found it all here. Evening with a beautiful girl who understands your desires with a half glance for me personally was almost fantastic before, here in the garlic! Since it is not the first time I come, I can say that any of the girls carefully takes care of themselves, and most importantly, that you can have EVERYTHING with her!

14.05.2014. 20:07



I’ve long wanted to experience what girls are capable of working in the salon of intimate services. So, for the sake of curiosity. The boys said that in the life of every real muzhik there must be experience with a prostitute. I was with Anfisa. My best sex is with her! Role games, light domination, professional massage, this is all that she surprised me, opening a new horizon in sex. Does everything with pleasure.

25.08.2015. 16:38



I was in the cabin of Katya. I’ve long wanted to get to her. Watched the photo, could not believe that this is a real picture. I decided to make sure. It’s really cool. Looks better than in the photo. High, slender, with a voluminous bust, long legs. Has given to itself to do everything, that to me only in a head has taken. This Cooney and sex varied. It was unforgettable, and not at all as I thought, but everything is much steeper. Respect !! Thank you for the bright pleasure!

30.03.2016. 19:21




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