Escort Service




Full Night: 30 000 rub.

24 Hours: 40 000 Rub.


Escort Service

Escorting a man to a business dinner with a charming companion was born in the west. It happens that a man goes through life in general in proud solitude, as they say, “to succeed in business, to lose the rest”. However, there are situations that make you think. For example, how you can appear at a social reception, a meeting, a party, a walk around the city, a yacht cruise, a ball, a film festival, a Grand Prix of Formula 1, that is, in business and informal time, without a beautiful lady or suite of beautiful Ladies? This is simply impossible, since it will not be interpreted in favor of the man. In addition, and somehow uncomfortable to demonstrate their loneliness and experience it in their quivering soul. Solemn conclusion of a partnership agreement, awarding of a prestigious award, participation in a major forum or visiting a social party – all this makes a business person think about how and with whom to go out. Sometimes there is no worthy companion in the immediate surroundings, and appearing on such events in proud solitude is the height of impropriety. How to be? Contact a professional agency that provides a business support service. The incomparable and charming girls of our escort agency are always ready to support the wealthy men in any ideas concerning entertainment, recreation and long trips. Such is the nature of beautiful girls.


Whiskey does not sound like that, and music does not inspire unless there is a posh companion nearby. Elite girls during leisure are considered the most pleasant dessert. This was known even by the ancient Greek aristocrats, Roman patricians and Japanese emperors, planting a geisha, courtesans, priestesses of love on their left. Elite girls in the escort are still worth their weight in gold. It is no wonder that they are in demand, and there is always a supply for a good.

That’s why you need an escort, so that you come to certain protocol events not in proud solitude, but accompanied by a charming companion who will raise your prestige in the eyes of others with one’s presence, and with excellent manners, the ability to support any conversation will once again emphasize your dignity. Do not forget that “the king is playing his retinue”.

   Communication with a girl escort escort is always an adventure. The piquancy of this adventure lies in the fact that only you know that the invited model accompanies you, and all people around you will envy you, as they will see an intelligent, educated, stylish and sexy companion next to you. The agency ensures complete confidentiality of information about orders received.

Escort services are based on the request for personal data of interested persons. If the customer liked the questionnaire of one of the girls, he notifies the escort manager of the services. And after agreeing the nuances, the companion arrives at the appointed time at the specified place. After the transfer of the fee, the girl renders escort services, spending time with the man in the channel that is favorable to him.

In our gallery of elite escort, business support, leisure, dating with beautiful, impeccable VIP escort girls – for any demanding taste. You will find what you want from silver to platinum. Escort services are necessary always and everywhere, for men of respectable, noble and generous. You want to go to the sea to the beautiful far lands, but not alone – our girls will make you a beautiful company. You would like to rest before another weekday workday – our girls will make you a wonderful company. You can communicate, walk around the city and in most cases even forget that you are accompanied by a girl escort service. Unforced, non-binding, relaxing communication is the goal set for each model. Of course, our professional approach will be duly appreciated by you.